[NATE MSL 09] - Gran Final

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Notapor HysteRya » Dom Ene 24, 2010 12:08 am

orcn00b escribió:
GoRaXaN escribió:Tenia 3 minando + la de las 7.

Vale eso no son 4, son 3 y 4 posiciones estrategicas en el mapa, tambien tenia 6 o 7 hatcheries...No veo ventaja economica por ningun lado, si tienes en cuenta q antes perdio 2 expansiones y casi pierde la 3º.

Quizás en que a Flash solo le quedaba su nat??
starcraft 2 is like gambling... if you lose many games, you need to play more to try to recover your money...

El Starcraft está lleno de mariconas presumidas.
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Re: [NATE MSL 09] - Gran Final

Notapor ramatis » Dom Ene 24, 2010 6:24 am

talvez les duela algunos que el game se lo hallan dado a jaedong pero fue justo ,quedo desnaturalizado el juego pero se kespa tomo la decision menos mala,flash gano el 2 set por ese drop magnifico al corazon de jaedong,jaedong estaba bastante bien antes de ese drop.cuando se fue la energia flash estaba empezinado en acabar con la expa del costado pero no habia forma de entrarle a jaedong esa es la cuestion perdio muchisimas unidades en esos ataques ,ya se notaba que jaedong la tenia asegurada y los recursos estaban inalterables cosa que flash estaba en su punto critico,casi solo con un milagro ganaria flash ,por eso la ventaja estaba del lado de jaedong el gg de flash no tardaria en llegar asi opina la mayoria y segun mi analisis tambien ,fue justo pero desprolijo al fin ,bien por jaedong se preparo muy bien para la final eso demuestra que sigue siendo el numero uno del mundo!!!flash todabia esta un paso pequeñisimo detras del genial jaedong(no para de ganar titulos¿cuantos mas sumara en su carrera? :D
naci terran cambie a protoos y evolucione a zerg forever
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Re: [NATE MSL 09] - Gran Final

Notapor GoRaXaN » Mar Ene 26, 2010 10:11 pm

La MSL se disculpa

Before we start the game, we’re issuing an apology about the Nate MSL final.

At the final (last Saturday, January 23, at 5:00 p.m.) between KT’s Flash and Hwaseung’s Jaedong, a power outage that should never take place in live e-sports broadcasting occurred during the 3rd set.

It was an accident resulting from an attempt to improve the player’s condition by running a mini heater, but since it was due to not carefully checking the electricity system, MBCGame deeply apologizes to the 20 million e-sports fans in the country and to the audience who believe in and support us.

It was found that outside personnel who was involved in MSL didn’t understand that the studio at issue had been designed so that if the power is overused, it’s automatically turned off – as opposed to a regular studio which uses UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

The producer and the outside personnel, the team director and the department director will be held responsible and appropriate measures will be taken.

We also apologize that even after the power was back, we didn’t proceed with the game quickly due to the dealing with KeSPA’s holding on Jaedong’s win.

Whatever caused the accident, we acknowledge that we caused an indelible scar to e-sports fans.

It will take us a lot of effort and time to heal that wound, but we will do our best in coming together to expedite the process.

We apologize again, and we will take this accident as a striking reason for us to strive for a high-quality and dynamic broadcasting that will restore us to e-sports’ famed house.

Entrevista a Flash despues de la final
- How were you after the MSL Finals?
▲ I just want to start off and say that this will be the absolute last time I will talk about this so I hope people can respect that too.
At the finals, I have expected everything except a game decision done by the Kespa refs. When they decided that Jaedong won the match, I knew deep down inside I will lose the finals. Any progamer in my shoes would've lost the whole thing too after the decision.

- After the Kespa Refs made their decision, you left and talked with your coaching staff. What did you talk about?
▲ Frankly, I do not remember anything during that one hour. All I could remember was asking myself “what is going on” and panicking. I didn't know what to do after the 3rd game and all I could think about were my family and fans who came a long way from home to watch me play.
I even came to a point where I just wanted to forfeit my next match, but I couldn't just leave because of what happened in my last match. I lost everything at that moment; confidence and will to do anything.

- At game 4 you played worse than usual. Was it because of you previous game?
▲ The whole decision done by kespa really got me down. However, I cannot blame my 3rd set for losing the 4th set. Regardless of the outside factors, 4th set was a pure loss. That is why after the 4th set I went up to Jaedong hyung and congratulated him as soon as possible.
But I still felt empty because of the refs.

- At set 1, your heater wasn't there
▲ At the first game my hands were near frozen. I was so nervous and my cold hands made me lose set 1 in a disappointing fashion. So my only choice was to get a heater as soon as possible.

- If set 3 was decided to be a rematch, what would've happened?
▲ If there was a rematch, it's no secret that I would've been at a huge advantage. Jaedong hyung prepared a strange build but I also prepared a strange build too. Also, the map is so good for Terran. However, the decision has already been made... It's just depressing.
We were having such a good game too. It's so depressing it had to end that way.

- Both fanbases are still arguing who would've won the game or not
▲ It really is a sad sight to see.
[ T/N: Unlike foreign fanbases + Show Spoiler +
Flash fans and Jaedong fans are almost best buddies in Korea. Whenever Jaedong has a fan meeting, Flash fans send gifts and whenever Flash has a fan meeting Jaedong fans send gifts etc etc. Flash fans and Jaedong fans were the holy duo fanbase in Korea. However ever since this shenanigans both fanbases split up and started a huge flame war against each other. ]

I'm not saying this because I lost, but I seriously was at a decent situation at that point. That's why it made me so depressed. After the finals a lot of people told me while practicing that “You were at a decent situation” which made me angrier. His call was unfair to me.
But this isn't the real reason why this whole thing made me angry. I know I'll eventually get over the decision, but what truly made it difficult for me to get over this was their attitude.

3 Referees came up to and told me “We saw the replay, it's over.” But then our coaching staff found out that there was no replay at all. When we confronted them with this evidence, they didn't answer our question and told us “we saw all your mineral, gas and all your units count behind you.”
You were there too journalists sirs, the refs were nowhere near us. I don't think anybody can see the mineral count that far away.
They lied to us yet they just acted like nothing happened. All I ask for is an apology from the referees, yet instead of the referees apologizing to us their boss apologized instead. When the higher ups were apologizing, the refs just stood there staring blankly at us.

I saw the same 3 referees today, and this time they ignored us and kept fooling around with each other and laughing.

It was so absurd.

- You saw Jaedong today
▲ I did see him today, although it did feel really awkward. I didn't have a chance to talk to him, but before I was sent to play we saw each other for a second. We both smiled and exchanged greetings.
Even though I congratulated Jaedong hyung at the MSL finals, I'm still the loser of the finals so I guess there is no other choice but to be awkward. But we're best friends so as time goes by the awkwardness will eventually all vanish.
I will make sure I'll get to the finals next season and not to mention Jaedong Hyung promised me to buy me food when he wins! After the OSL RO8 I kept my promise with Jaedong hyung and bought him a nice dinner too.

- Is there anything you wanted to say about the MSL finals that you couldn't?
▲ This will be the last time I'll be doing an interview related to the whole MSL final, I hope the journalists can respect my decision. I just wish this will never happen to anybody from now on.

- Last words?
▲ A lot of my fans are worried, but I won the OSL and got a silver medal which is more than I expected from myself. Also I still believe there is a lot of room for improvement for me. This is not a tragedy for me, but a whole new experience in the path of my life. Hopefully all of these things will help me become a better player. Our team owner came up to me and told me “This is an experience no other player can ever experience. Think of this whole thing as a trial for you to become a great player.” Many people cheered me up so I will try my best to challenge dual league finals once again.

Also I just want to say Jaedong hyung better be ready. I'm going to order the most expensive dinner in Korea (laughs).

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