[BlizzCon2010] - Sons of the Storm estaran firmando

22 y 23 de Octubre. Anaheim - Los Angeles

[BlizzCon2010] - Sons of the Storm estaran firmando

Notapor pR0gR4m3R » Mié Oct 13, 2010 9:16 pm


Sons of the Storm
We are, give and take, a week away from BlizzCon 2010, the convention that celebrates all of our pretty properties. Fire it up with Deathwing, creep and conquer with Kerrigan and raise your horns for the big D…Diablo of course! Although Tenacious D would be an appropriate second choice at the closing concert.

But what is BlizzCon without the Sons of the Storm on board and representin’? We’ve got a one-hour signing session lined up on Saturday, 10AM to 11AM at the developer signing area. So be there early with whatever you want us to soil with our signatures. Also three of our own, Samwise, Raneman and Red Knuckle are going to do live sketching and painting demos at the artists’s stage. If you want to procure the secrets of the Storm, this is your chance.

See you in the field!
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